Margbooks Online Retail POS Sofware

Marg Books is a Cloud-Based Online Inventory & Accounting Software built for Every Business from the House of Marg ERP. It is complete online software that can be accessed from anywhere on any device just with proper internet connectivity.


Why MargBooks is the Best Online Accounting Software for Your Business

  • Centralized purchase order, Item Master, Account Master, Customer Master in 1 place
  • Analysis whole ecosystem from head office to branch office in 1 click
  • Make inventory transaction from branch to branch, head office to branch & branch to head office
  • Manage inventory to balance sheet from head office to branch office
  • Increase customer footfall using loyalty management
  • Automated sales forecasting & order management using re-order setup
  • To activate the branch management software, you’ll need to get the Gold Plan for your main admin branch.
  • For sub-branches, you can select plans from either the Basic Silver or Gold versions based on your specific requirements.


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