Oracle Netsuite is an all in one Cloud Business Management Solution that Helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes & providing real time visibility into operational & financial performance. with Single ,Integrated suite of Applications for managing accounting,Order processing,Inventory Management, production, supply chain & Warehouse Operations, NetSuite gives companies clear Visibility into their data and tighter control over their businesses. .


NetSuite Inc. is an American cloud computing company founded in 1998 with headquarters in AustinTexas,[4] that provides software and services to manage business finances, operations, and customer relations.[5] Its software and services are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises with solutions for ERPCRMPSA, inventory/warehouse management and e-commerce.[6] The company is widely seen as the first cloud computing software company, with the company’s 1998 founding pre-dating that of by about a month.[7][8] Oracle Corporation acquired NetSuite for approximately US$9.3 billion in November 2016. The newly formed Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit[9] is managed by Executive Vice President Evan Goldberg as “Oracle’s Cloud ERP for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises


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