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Marg ERP Pharmacy Chemist management Software, Marg ERP software is a business process management software that helps to take care of every requirement of your business including Retail chain, supply chain, sales force automation, Financial Accounting, Inventory, Budgeting, Production, GST etc.1Marg ERP is a technology-driven company delivering Billing, Payment & Delivery Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses since 19922You can download Marg ERP software for small businesses from their website. WWW.SAEMERTECH.COM





























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100% Free E-invoicing

Get 100% Free E-invoicing and easily generate error-free e- invoices without going to the portal with zero downtime using MargERP

Payment & Reconciliation

Simplify your payments & bill-by-bill reconciliation using Marg Pay at 0% service charges & 2% cashback for retailers

GST Billing & Return Filing

Create GST invoices, multiple e-way bills & directly upload files in Excel, JSON or CSV format in GST portal and file GST returns

Barcode Management

Helps encode & centralize all products information in a barcode to quickly & accurately track products during billing

Online Import Purchase

No need to feed manual Purchase. Import bill from any Excel or CSV format to save time with 100% accuracy

Bills, O/s on Whatsapp

Send Invoices, Outstandings, Stock and Sale Analysis etc. & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through Software

Direct Calling

To simplify the order taking process, connect your mobile with system by scanning QR code & place calls directly to customer for receiving orders

My Shop QR Code

List & upload products, schemes, offers in QR code. Print & paste outside shop/ counter where customers can directly scan & place orders

eRetail Web Application

Directly place online orders to distributors & check status of all orders, View nearby distributors, schemes inside Marg ERP

Inventory Management

Manage Focused, Dump and Near-Expiry stock level, set reorder points to replenish stock with Push Sale features

Purchase & Sale Claim

Get timely reminders & keep a track of benefits of claim against the purchases which is being done with Claims & Statements feature

Live Credit Limit Management

Set & Track the credit limit for customers to save huge losses. Get live notification during billing whenever limit is reached

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