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Best Inventory Management Software in Ghana – Marg ERP by Saemer Technologies Ltd.

MARG ERP software is a powerful and versatile solution that helps you manage your business processes efficiently and effectively. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer, MARG ERP software can cater to your specific needs and challenges. With MARG ERP software, Best Inventory Management Software you can:

  • Streamline your accounting, billing, VAT, inventory, production, and payroll operations with ease and accuracy.
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction and loyalty with digital payments, online deliveries, e-invoicing, and WhatsApp integration.
  • Boost your sales and profitability with smart features like barcode management, online import purchase, purchase and sale claim, live credit limit management, and more.
  • Grow your business with innovative solutions like ECOD Secure, eRetail App, eOrder App, eOwner App, SFA App, DMS Xpert, and more.

MARG ERP software is trusted by over 10 million users across 25+ industries in India and abroad.

It has over 850 sales and support centers and 8500 sales and service professionals to provide you with the best service and support.

MARG ERP software is recommended by Dr. Vivek Bindra, the founder and CEO of, as the best ERP software with unique and advanced features.

Saemer Technologies Ltd. is the Channel partner of Marg ERP Software in Ghana & West Africa region,
  • Easy and fast billing: You can improve your billing speed by 40% with MARG ERP software through quick searches, shortcuts, barcode scanning, etc.
  • You can also handle all your sales and purchase operations, manage invoices and bills, and track your payments
  • Warehouse management: You can efficiently manage and track your stock in different warehouses, godowns, or shops centrally from MARG ERP software.
  • You can also track item movements and generate customized specific reports1.
  • Order calling: You can simplify the order-taking process by connecting your mobile to the system by scanning the QR code and placing calls directly to your customers for receiving orders in just one click.
  • GST ready solution: You can easily file GST returns, TCS and TDS directly from MARG ERP software. You can also run internal audit to ensure 100% error-free reports.
  • Inventory control: You can monitor your inventory levels, optimize your stock, and avoid overstocking or stockouts with MARG ERP software.
  • You can also set reorder points, manage batch tracking, barcoding, price lists, demand forecasting, etc.


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