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AlignBooks ERP Software in Ghana  No 1. cloud-based accounting software, is an all-in-one solution for smart MSMEs to achieve simplified business operations – enabling effortless accounting, Inventory, and compliance management functions in the current challenging and dynamic environment. Inspired by the potential that MSMEs hold in all over World, we are proud to have been a constant creator of smart and intelligent technologies for them. We are determined to align smart MSMEs with smart accounting solutions which is much beyond just accounting, at a minimal cost. With enabling technology at its core, our software offers the completion of the entire VAT filing and e-Invoice generation process with a single click. Navratna modules i.e Sales, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, Point of Sales, Payroll, Asset, Production, and CRM blended with features like auto bank reconciliation, multi-currency, multi-location accounting, user roles, and intuitive dashboards make it first among equals. Integration with ICICI Bank, Amazon, Shopify, PayTM, Razorpay, and more further simplify business operations management.

Best Finance Software For Small Bussiness- AlignBooks ERP Software in Ghana

Complete financial accounting for all organisations of all sizes

Configurable Chart of Accounts

Pre-generated COA with latest corporate/non-corporate guidelines, with complete flexibility to change it as per your requirements

Pre-Configured Posting GLs

No tension of selecting appropriate ledgers or assigning debit/credit. 100% automated, financial postings based on pre-configured GLs with flexibility to change

Voucher Printing

No need to prepare vouchers/receipts manually. Simply use one of our configurable and pre-designed state of the art voucher formats and print.


Attach any number of scanned supporting documents with vouchers without searching for files

Account confirmation

Generate and mail party account confirmations and loan confirmations without any hassle

Approval Management

Keep track of expenses, create ledger specific cost centers/attributes and generate different types of MIS
Cost Centers / Attributes
Keep track on Expenses, create Ledger specific cost centre / attributes and generate different type of MIS thereon.
Automate TDS Deduction
No knowledge of TDS Sections and accounting process – auto Journal of TDS based on TDS applicability configured in Supplier Maste
Get loan interest statements, depreciation statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, fund flow statements, daywise/monthwise account flow in just a mouse click
Advance Features

Advance option to manage post-dated cheques, bank reconciliation, ect.


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