HR Payroll Software in Ghana

Payroll software makes it easy for the HR team to customize systems using local currency and process taxes according to the compliances and obligations. Accurate calculation of employee benefits and salaries would be impossible without a payroll management system. Most HR software offers recruiting functionalities.


Payroll Management Software

Payroll management software simplified your employees salary management process. With the help of our payroll software HR department can maintain attendence, leaves, loans and advance, ESIC, EPF, LWF & Professional taxes.

Payroll Software can be easily integrated with your existing Busy software.

Payroll Software Features

  • Easy Administration
  • Configurable Salary Components (Earnings & Deductions).
  • Employee-wise Salary Structure (Configurable).
  • ESIC/EPF/LWF & Professional Taxes
  • Attendence & Leave Management
  • Loans & Advance Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Bonus & Gratuity
  • TDS Computation
  • Employee Assets Tracking
  • Canteen/Bus Route Management
  • Gate Pass Management
  • Letter/Forms and ID Card Printing
  • Resource Management
  • Personal Data Management
  • Integration with Busy Software


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